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Kaifeng besco: with a dedicated heart, do the professional thing

On November 28, in order to strengthen industrial exchanges and better serve enterprises, pang zhenyan, governor inspector of zhengzhou branch of people's bank of China, came to kaifeng area of the free trade zone to investigate financial work, accompanied by liu zhen, deputy mayor and director of the management committee of kaifeng area of the free trade zone.Visited kaifeng besco super hard materials co., LTD., and was warmly received by han shunli, general manager of besco co., LTD.


During a visit to the process of production workshop, Korea's total to leaders introduced the development of kaifeng bass section: "the company is mainly the industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) superhard materials, cutting tool products and other superhard materials production, deep processing of plating, etc., in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, India and other overseas regions as the main sales market, adhering to the loyalty dedication, pragmatic and innovative enterprise concept of" in the field of superhard materials in constantly blaze new trails, sustained by the high quality products and quality service, serves the masses of customers, based on Yu Kaifeng fta, continuous efforts for the economic development of free trade area and construction have made outstanding contributions.



At the same time, Vice Mayor Liu Zhen made a detailed understanding of the countermeasures made by the current China-US trade friction. Mr. Han introduced to the leaders in detail: "The company responded to the challenges brought by foreign trade frictions and turned pressure into momentum to strengthen its innovation capabilities. Firmly grasp the strategic opportunities of the new technological revolution, accelerate technological catch-up, strengthen research and development of cutting-edge technologies, and use new technologies Enhance traditional industries, vigorously develop emerging industries, accelerate the realization of high-quality development, and actively participate in major international exhibitions to increase overseas influence and expand international sales channels. "Vice Mayor Liu Zhen expressed interest in foreign companies represented by Besco in free trade. The efforts made in the development of the district are fully affirmed.




During the visit, Pang Zhenyan, the inspector of the People's Bank of China, and Vice Mayor Liu visited the Besco laboratory to see and understand the R & D, production and inspection processes of Besco's high-tech products. After a detailed understanding of the situation, the leaders first highly affirmed Besco's refined, professional, pragmatic and innovative development strategy, and highly praised and praised the superhard material products and related technologies produced by Besco.




Deputy Mayor Liu Zhen said that the development of the free trade zone is inseparable from financial support. The development potential of the Kaifengareaofthe free trade zone is huge. Financial support for the construction of the free trade zone has a long way to go. It needs the full support and sincerity of the People's Bank of China Zhengzhou Branch and the financial system Cooperation. He also affirmed the rapid development of Besco in recent years, and hopes that Besco will make persistent efforts to become a beautiful "business card" for the innovative development of Kaifeng Free Trade Zone.


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