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Besco Han Jun: Do professional things with concentration

Editor's note: "A life in suspense" in the ancient text means: "A person, want to do a good thing, you have to bet on a lifetime of life consciousness!" After fifty years of joint efforts of countless people in China's super hard materials industry, the world's remarkable achievements have been achieved at last. But big and not strong, it has always been a chore in the development of China's super hard materials industry. When many super hard materials enterprises in China are struggling to find the way to the internationalization of their own enterprises in the present situation, a super hard material production enterprise has embarked on the road of international development. The company has not only made technical cooperation with famous American companies, but also established a joint venture, and its brand awareness is also widely known in the machinery processing industry in Japan, South Korea and the United States. The products are sold to many countries such as North America, Europe, Japan, Japan and India and so on. However, in the face of these achievements, the chairman of the company is modest and lose strength to say: "People, there are always things that must be done with a lifetime. In order to achieve the goal, we must do our best to do what we want to do. Moreover, this is just the beginning. There ar


Kaifeng BISCO Superhard Material Co., Ltd., chairman of the Han Jun

In five years, he made a company to continuously obtain "the technical certification of the North American Industrial Diamond Association", "ten national technology patents", "a continuous three year opening of the city's export and foreign exchange advanced enterprises", "Kaifeng City new material engineering technology center" and many other honors. In just five years, he created countless wonders of the superhard material industry. He is the chairman of Kaifeng BISCO Superhard Material Co., Ltd.

Do a professional thing with a focused heart

"BISCO Superhard Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. We set up a long-term development plan in the early days of our factory, which is to develop two major products of polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride, and become a leading international manufacturer in this field. For the field of single crystal diamond, no matter how high the profit is, we will not set foot in it. " The chairman of the president told the reporter in a decisive way. Differentiated development is the inevitable choice for the development of modern enterprises. Super hard materials, although the industry is not big, but also have enough breadth and thickness, as long as the enterprise to find their own positioning, the "precision" of the product, with the focus of the heart, to do professional things! Enterprises can develop rapidly.

"The reason why the company uses CBN and polycrystalline diamond as the main product is that in the coming years, these products will have a very strong growth in both domestic and foreign countries, especially the CBN tools, which can be used instead of hard alloy or ceramic products to process black metal. CBN has no advantage in the past, but after the efforts of domestic production enterprises in recent years, the cost of CBN has fallen to a relatively low level. Now the large-scale replacement of hard alloy cutters by CBN tools has already had the basic advantage, and the rate of substitution will be accelerated in the future, and both domestic and foreign have great potential for development.

Chairman Han confidently told reporters that in the past five years, the company has made full use of the planning and layout of the CBN and polycrystalline diamond industry chain, which has laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid development for the next five years.

International strategic partner WWSA

"The purpose of choosing to cooperate with international enterprises is to introduce advanced technology from the United States and combine it with low-cost domestic production conditions to create a win-win situation." Why did you choose to cooperate with foreign enterprises to establish a joint venture? Chairman Han said: "I have been involved in the super hard material industry since 2000, but I have always felt that the domestic super hard material industry has a big problem in international sales, that is, the brand is not loud enough and not really set up its own international brand. It is a very bad thing. The enterprise wants to have vitality in the international competition, it is certainly not feasible to build up its own international brand, so we must build our own international brand! "

If we want to build an international brand, the products, technology, talents and management must be internationalized. After working with WWSA company, Besco has strong advantages in product technology research and development. The basic testing of the grinding experiments of various abrasives is conducted in the US R & D laboratory and the grinding laboratory, with the international advanced processing grinder and super hard material sintering equipment; the board of the bank is a multinational board of directors, and the staff are made up of many countries. The basic R & D is the American engineer, and the synthetic production is a Chinese engineer. The international talent strategy has prompted Besco to have an international competitive advantage in the enterprise culture and management.

It is precisely with the above advantages, President Han firmly said: "International brand strategy, Besco will continue to carry out."

Strategy! From outside and inside

"BESCO"? I believe many Chinese people are confused when they first see this word. Why choose this English word as a company brand? The reporter questioned Chairman Han curiously. "As an international company, we first consider what kind of English names can be accepted by international customers." What kind of brand can be more internationalized and internationalized? As the best enterprise is the most international, the best enterprise is called "BEST COMPANY", and the "BESCO" is the best business for us. This brand is very easy to remember abroad. " With its ingenuity and profound internationalization connotation, the brand "BESCO" has been favored and welcomed by foreign customers


Kaifeng Kaifeng company has been awarded the advanced enterprise of export earning in Kaifeng for three consecutive years.

So what are the plans of the company in the face of the domestic market?

President Han replied: "the first five years, the layout of the international market has basically completed. Therefore, the project will take second five years to complete another important task, that is, to develop the brand of "Belgium" in the domestic market, to establish a more competitive market channel, and to achieve the international and excellent brand construction. Next, it hopes to expand the brand by strengthening the industry influence of the super hard material association by strengthening its cooperation with the China Super Hard Materials Association.

Do big and strong? It's better to be stronger and bigger!

When asked by reporters about Besco's future development plan to "become bigger and stronger," President Han said thoughtfully: "bigger and stronger? It is better to be a strong person than to be strong. Domestic enterprises, the government most likes to let enterprises do a large scale, it seems that only the scale of enterprises is bigger, is the most important. But different industries have different situations, in the superhard materials industry, we will continue to adhere to the international + quality brand strategy. 8 words are summed up. It is necessary to do what is strong, and to do so naturally.

Finally, Chairman Han also told reporters that the company is now working on new product research and development for PCBN and PCD tools, and the current basic R & D is in the United States and is progressing smoothly. The performance of new PCBN / PCD products developed by Bayes will not only be the best in China, but also the best in the world.


BISCO Superhard Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is located in the national economic and Technological Development Zone of Kaifeng City, Henan. It is an international leading enterprise which introduces advanced technology of foreign countries and specializes in producing super hard materials. The company occupies an area of about 50 mu, has an international first-class R & D center and well managed production plant. With years of professional experience, Besco's goal is to provide customers with the most reliable and stable products at the most competitive prices.


    In order to achieve this goal, Besco equipped with complete production and quality testing equipment, the establishment of a unique Besco quality control system. All of the products made by the company are under the supervision of this quality system and have a detailed tracking file in the lab to ensure that the interests of the customers are guaranteed to the maximum extent

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